Cameras for Scientific Imaging

Cameras are used in scientific imaging applications to detect, observe, and quantify objects that are often invisible to the naked eye. When the right camera is mounted to a microscope system it can deliver clear, high-resolution images with outstanding quality that can make all the difference to the scientist. When you are looking for high quality cameras for scientific imaging – we can assist you.

Rice Camera Technologies provides visible and non-visible digital cameras that are used in both industrial microscopy and scientific imaging systems. Visible scientific cameras from Rice Camera are available in standard as well as high-resolution and offer unmatched image quality at competitive prices. Rice’s non-visible cameras are able to provide images beyond the capabilities of the human eye even in low-light conditions.

A few reasons to contact Rice Camera for your scientific imaging applications:

  •   Full range of sensors: Visible, CCD, CMOS, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR
  •   High resolution up to 29 megapixel cameras
  •   Fast frame rates exceeding 400fps
  •   Choice of interfaces including: Camera Link, GigE, and more
  •   Compact, easily mounted
  •   Durable & Reliable
  •   Fair, flexible pricing

When you require a camera expert to help you choose the best camera for your application – without hassle – contact Rice Camera Technologies and we can provide you with a free consultation.