What is GigE Vision?

How GigE Vision Cameras Work:

  1. GigE Vision Control Protocol (GVCP) – Defines how to control and configure detected devices and specify video stream channels.

  2. GigE Vision Streaming Protocol (GVSP) – Allows applications to receive information and defines the ways those images need to be transferred to another receiver.

  3. GigE Vision Device Discovery – Defines how to obtain valid IP addresses from compliant products

  4. XML description file – Provides a datasheet allowing access to the camera controls and image stream. This must be base on the schema defined by the European Machine Vision Association’s GenlCam standard, which allows a single application to control any compliant camera regardless of the vendor, interface technology or feature set.

These elements allow it to accommodate certain networked video distribution applications that leverage switched Ethernet video networks. GigE Vision also includes accessories such as cabling, switches, and interface cards (NIC). These drivers have the ability to stream data directly to memory at the kernel level of the system, which almost eliminates any CPU intervention. This is critical when real-time applications require all the CPU time for processing images. It also eliminated the need for a frame grabber because the GigE Vision camera can replace that, cutting down on cost and energy. Most of this is due to its Ethernet based characteristics, such as its networking flexibility, long distance reach, and dedicated connections.

All of the GigE Vision cameras for machine vision that we offer are listed under the machine vision product section of our website. Would you like to know if a GigE camera is right for your application? Send us an email with your application information and we can suggest matching cameras.