Frequently Asked Questions

No. If you are looking for consumer cameras I'm afraid we cannot help you. Sometimes due to the word ‘camera’ in our company name some people are sent to our site through a local search tool by mistake. The cameras we offer are not for consumer photographers. Rice Camera Technologies provides industrial and military cameras for: government and military customers, industrial OEMs, cutting-edge researchers. We provide high-end cameras for specialty applications. If you have a military, industrial, or scientific imaging system that requires camera solutions you are in the right place.

No. Due to U.S. export laws we do not sell our products outside of the United States and Canada.

If there is a specific product on our website that you are interested in, then the best way is to register on our website and the information will be sent to you automatically within 60 minutes.

Please send us an email to our sales department with the product you are interested in or what you are trying to accomplish. We typically are able to respond same-day or within 24 hours.

That's not usually the best way. Our sales and support team is often helping other customers who have scheduled a phone-appointment. It is best to send an email to our sales department with the information you are looking for and we can also schedule a call to speak with you directly. The fastest way to get in touch with us is to register for a product on our site first (if you see a product that is interesting to you and there is a registration link) since this will send a direct message to our sales and support team.

Register for the product you are interested in and it will be sent to you automatically within 60 minutes. If no registration link is available this may be a newly listed product so please send us an email to our Sales department with your questions and what you would like and we will respond within 24 hours.

If the camera you want to have pricing information on has a registration link next to it, please register for information and reply back to the email that contains a link to the datasheet you registered for. Or, if there is no registration form please send an email to our sales team.

It depends on the product. The visible camera lead time is <6 weeks whereas the IR cameras may be more than 6 weeks depending on the model and availability. Please contact our sales department and we can let you know.

If you are a solo entrepreneur, independent consultant or researcher that is unaffiliated with an established organization, I am afraid we cannot help you. Rice Camera Technologies supports established U.S. and Canadian corporate, government, and education customers Only.

If you are new to imaging we are not the best fit. We are best able to support customers who have existing experience/education in imaging and that are looking to choose-procure a specific camera or experienced customers that appreciate our help to make sure they identify-choose-buy a camera from Rice that is best for them.

We wish you all the best in your research on our exciting world of imaging. However, I'm afraid we cannot spare resources to assist your research project. Feel free to browse our website for some information.

For each customer there may be different reasons. What we find is that customers appreciate our unique combination of; camera solutions across the electro-magnetic spectrum, knowledge, fair pricing, excellent service. To summarize, our business was founded on one main premise - that camera brands, features, and technical 'bells and whistles' are not what is relevant. What is relevant is how a particular solution can be used to help solve a customer's needs. With this in mind, and unlike other competing companies, we approach your needs from a solution-mindset which is why organizations like NASA frequently say things like, "It was a pleasure doing business with Rice Camera Technologies!!".

We do not perform on-site installations. Our customers are typically using our cameras as part of a system and they are highly skilled at installing cameras into their system.

It depends on which product(s) you are interested in. With certain products we can supply everything you need and with others we may refer you to a specialist in optics for example.

Absolutely. We are happy to help you choose the correct interface and specifications to meet your needs. We also advise looking at the technology section of our website for basic information.

You want the correct product information and the correct solution for your needs. Our goal is to support you. When you fill out some basic information it allows us to understand your needs more clearly. Perhaps we can recommend alternative (or new solutions) or provide you with whitepapers, research or other valuable information that we only release to qualified prospective customers who fill out the registration form.

Yes. We can either tailor an existing product to your needs or we can create a custom camera development. Please contact our sales team for more information.

We answer this question differently than other companies. Better is a relative term. A simple shovel can be better than a bulldozer if you only need to dig a small hole in your garden. So, what we believe is that better or 'best' only matters in terms of what is the best solution for you. It is true that the majority of our products offer some type of performance advantage in terms of increased throughput, improved image quality, reduced downtime, and enhanced durability. However, we want to be sure that we provide the best solution for you. And our large portfolio, expertise, network of partners, and care for your success enable us to provide the ideal solution for you, or if not we will let you know without wasting your time. Our customers love this approach when they put their trust in Rice Camera Technologies.