NIR600 (SWIR Camera)

The NIR-600 is a high-performance German-engineered NIR-SWIR camera providing superb images in the NIR-SWIR (900nm to 1700nm) spectral region. With a resolution of 640 x 512, high quantum efficiency and low noise, the NIR-600 provides maximum image quality and performance in the near-infrared and shortwave infrared spectral regions. Selection of a high-quality InGaAs sensor, 14 bit digital electronics, and the proprietary digital output module ensure 'NIR Perfection' images with this camera. This superior quality camera is scientific grade and optimized for high-end applications including machine vision inspection and scientific image analysis. The NIR-SWIR abilities also make this camera very attractive for military applications with the ability to see through fog & haze and capture an eye safe laser at 1550nm. Additionally, you will notice from the camera photograph that unlike other InGaAs cameras, our NIR models provide a robust camera housing compared to the flimsy ?lab only? housing of competing brands. In addition to the robust housing and choice of digital outputs it is this special digital output module (see detailed specs) which clearly sets this camera apart from competing InGaAs cameras. For customers who are looking for a high Quantum Efficiency (QE) in the NIR-SWIR region or simply would like an alternative to other brands, these NIR cameras offer excellent choices. If you would like to know if our InGaAs camera is right for your application and for more detailed specifications as well as pricing and availability simply fill in your email and information in the registration link on this page. *for US customers only please*


Specification Value
Resolution 640x512 SWIR
Max. Frame Rate 30 fps
Pixel Size 25 x 25 ┬Ám
ADC bits 14
Output Format Camera Link or GigE
Size 71mm x 71mm x 116mm
Wavelength 900 - 1700nm