Night Vision Camera Module For C-Mount Cameras

Night vision camera technology just got easier. This high quality night vision module provides you with the compact, high-quality night vision camera adapter you've been looking for. You can now transform any standard C-mount CCD or CCTV camera into a night vision camera. Transform dark scenes into bright high-resolution images. Simple to install. Lightweight. Cost effective. This module provides a Massive increase in night-time illumination by extending the camera's usable light range by 8-10 F-stops. This is most commonly used with CCD or CCTV cameras to add instant night-vision for security or surveillance applications. It can also be used for telescopes and microscopes. The modular design lets you transfer the image intensifier to other popular SLR or camcorder platforms including Nikon and Canon. Several options to choose from including 25/50/75mm objective lenses. Contact us Today and learn more about options, prices, and benefits of this high-end night vision camera module. (note: this product is for sale in the USA only, not for export).


Specification Value
Resolution Gen 3 Image Intensifier
Max. Frame Rate
Pixel Size ┬Ám
ADC bits N/A
Output Format n/a