Night Vision Adapter For Camcorders

Night Vision can be hard to achieve without specialized equipment costing over $10,000 USD or goggles that need to be worn all the time. Not any more. With this night vision camera adapter you can turn your existing camcorder into a night vision camera in less than a minute. With this night vision scope attachment you can see 8-10 F-stops more light! Unlike basic pocket scopes, this adapter is optimized for image capture applications that include high-performance camcorders and high-performance lenses. If you are looking to add high quality night vision capabilities to your existing camcorder and would like to transform dark scenes into bright high-resolution images at up to 1000 meters - you need to consider this innovative night vision equipment. Specially engineered for HD camcorders, this modular design is lightweight and will fit a number of popular camcorders including; Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and more. If you need high quality night-vision for your camcorder and can afford the best, contact us today for additional specifications and a free quote. NOTE: This technology is U.S. military-grade. For Sale in the USA Only. Not for export.


Specification Value
Resolution Dependent on Camcorder
Max. Frame Rate Dependent on Camcorder
Pixel Size ┬Ám
ADC bits n/a
Output Format Fits Popular Camcorders
Wavelength Visible - NIR