Low Cost High-Speed GigE Camera (vs340ge)

The svs340 is a compact, high performance and high speed GigE camera. This camera utilizes a high quality interline transfer CCD sensor from Kodak. Additionally, signal processing combined with 14bit ADC's ensure maximum image quality and performance. This camera is an ideal choice for applications which require a high-quality GigE camera at VGA resolution and fast frame rates. For more technical details you can call or email our Sales department or simply click the link below and fill out the form to receive the datasheet, along with pricing, and full specifications to see if this camera is the right one for your application.


Specification Value
Resolution 640 x 480
Max. Frame Rate 264 fps
Pixel Size 7.4 ยตm
ADC bits 14
Output Format GigE
Size 50x55x43