IRC-640 (Superb GigE LWIR Camera)

The IRC-640 is a robust, highly compact, high resolution long wave infrared digital Camera (LWIR Camera). With a spectral range of 8 ? 14 micron and the combination of high sensitivity, high resolution and special image calibration allow this camera to deliver image quality and performance unprecedented among other uncooled microbolometer thermal cameras. With the maintenance-free, high quality, uncooled microbolometer sensor and 640 x 480 resolution and digital output frame rates up to 24hz, this camera will allow you to capture thermal objects and events with excellent quality images. Unique to this German-engineered camera is the digital output module which provides a built-in correction algorithm. It is this correction algorithm that provides unparalleled image quality in comparison to other uncooled microbolometers on the market. Benefits include: Excellent Image Quality, Durable and Compact housing, and an OEM camera format which allows ease of hardware and software integration into complex vision systems. This camera is best suited for high-end surveillance, R&D, and Quality Control systems. For more detailed technical information, just click the link below and fill out a simple form to receive the technical datasheet. You can also call or email our sales department for more information. If you are looking for a high-end uncooled thermal camera, this camera is an ideal choice.


Specification Value
Resolution 640 x 480
Max. Frame Rate 24 fps
Pixel Size 25 ┬Ám
ADC bits 14
Output Format GigE
Wavelength 8 - 14 micron