High Resolution IR Camera Uncooled

"The most robust uncooled high resolution IR Camera on the market today"...This High Resolution Uncooled infrared camera provides a high level of sensitivity and performance in the long wave (LWIR) portion of the electro-magnetic spectrum. This camera provides a 30hz frame rate for smooth infrared video capture and also has the ability to increase the frame rate. This camera is geared toward commercial inspection applications which require the utmost in resolution and performance as well as mission-critical defense applications where a high resolution, high-sensitivity camera with low weight and power is desired. Multiple lens options and a Mil-Spec option is also available. If you would like a price quote or more specification information Click the Documents Link to receive full specifications, pricing, and delivery information. Notes: This camera is for customers in the USA Only.


Specification Value
Resolution 1024 x 768
Max. Frame Rate 30 hz
Pixel Size 17 ┬Ám
ADC bits 14
Output Format GigE or Camera Link
Size 2.4" x 2.7" x 2.6" W x H x D
Wavelength 8 - 12 micron