29-Megapixel GigE Camera (svs29050)

"May Just Be The Best High Resolution Camera On the Market.." This camera is only for applications which need the highest possible pixel count, definition and accuracy for high-end visible imaging. This camera offers the maximum resolution currently available in commercial CCD cameras. Utilizing a 29-megapixel interline transfer CCD sensor, this high resolution machine vision camera is equipped with GigE Vision digital output. OEM customers will appreciate the superior software capabilities which are often overlooked in other high-end cameras. There is both a camera control file and versatile SDK for ease of system integration. Increase imaging performance in applications such as: wafer inspection, aerial payloads, solar inspection and vision systems where resolution and image quality are the primary concerns. Simply fill out the registration form and we will send you complete specifications and pricing information by email.


Specification Value
Resolution 6576 x 4384
Max. Frame Rate 6 fps
Pixel Size 5.5 ┬Ám
ADC bits 14
Output Format GigE
Wavelength 380 - 950nm