What is Camera Link?

Camera Link is a communications interface designed specifically for machine vision cameras and developed primarily for the use in computer vision technologies. It deals with the high-speed transmittance of digital data between cameras, cables, and frame grabbers, as well as the extraction of information from images. Its main application is to transfer video data from a physical sensor into a processing unit that can analyze the image and take an action. It is based on the Channel Link Technology developed by National Semiconductor and serves as a means of standardization for scientific and industrial video products. The standard protocol is maintained and administered by the Automated Imaging Association (AIA).

To image with Camera Link you will need:

  • A Camera Link compatible camera and a lens
  • A Camera link interface board called a framegrabber
  • A cable to connect the camera and framegrabber
  • A PC that will accept the framegrabber

note: software is provided by both the camera company and the framegrabber company. For more information, please contact our sales department

All of the Camera Link cameras that we offer for machine vision applications are listed under the Machine Vision Products section of our website. There are also additional infrared cameras listed under the Military Products section of our website. Trying to choose the right camera or deciding between Camera Link and GigE? Send an email with your application requirements to our sales department and we can recommend matching cameras.