About Us

Rice Camera Technologies is a highly specialized and experienced supplier of industrial cameras ranging from X-ray to long wave infrared and infrared hyperspectral systems.

Rice Camera Technologies management has extensive experience in the imaging marketplace supporting leading OEMs, researchers, and military prime contractors. Management has helped numerous corporations and government agencies to:

  •   Choose the camera that best matches their application
  •   Increase system throughput
  •   Increase detection capability
  •   Improve Yield
  •   Create tailored rugged cameras for military air and ground systems
  •   Overcome competitors
  •   Reduce costs
  •   Improve ROI

We make it easy to find, choose, and purchase the best high-end machine vision camera or military camera for your application. The short video below sums it up.

Why Choose Rice Camera Technologies?

Our products and services are in high demand. Call or Email today to learn more about how we can help your organization achieve its goals through superior camera technology.


Our products and research are on the cutting edge of technology for machine vision and military imaging applications. We combine our know-how and intellectual property with those of our partners. We do this while safeguarding confidential items, benefiting our customers, and growing our relationships together.


We realize that part of your competitive edge rests in our ability to provide innovative, superior-performing and highly reliable cameras and camera technologies. Our philosophy is one of constant improvement. We encourage you to test and evaluate our products to validate our superior performance.


Our organization is staffed with experienced personnel who can answer technical, business, or support questions quickly and competently. We offer industry-leading pre-sales and after-sales support.


Our products have been put to the test in numerous demanding applications and we can further ruggedize them for harsh environments. With our select group of partners we further optimize our products for a variety of applications and ensure industry leading repeatability and reliability.


Our products and processes are flexible and can be tailored to meet specific OEM and Prime Contractor requirements. To maximize our core competencies we partner with experienced key suppliers and manufacturing partners who can align with your business model and produce under strict quality control guidelines.